The Next Big Thing

I had an idea once. A big one. Maybe even a Big One. It was a good day. I woke rested and full of spirit. I got high early. Then – I was doing my chores – it hit me. Bam! I could see it all so clear, the future was within my grasp. How had no one thought of this before? It would be the next big thing. All I had to do was reach out, and make it happen. Make it mine. Make it me.

It would be impossible to pull it off by myself. I needed people. Good people, qualified people. People I do not necessarily know. Yet.

And Space. For everyone to come together, do the work, figure it out. And cash. Lots of cash. It would all pay for itself, in the end. Just need an advance to get started.

Not to forget about some solid counsel. An operation on this scale needs a legal bedrock. Hiring, contracts, purchasing, taxation, filings, approval, licensing, certification. And a good coffee maker for sure.

Just thinking about it makes my head spin. Is this who I am? Who I want to be? Who am I?

Maybe have another puff and think it through just one more time…


Nils Steinert