Why seek enlightenment? What is to gain but endless, circular insemination of your next man’s emotive ideals? The few chosen subjugates enjoying the pearls of modern slavery exist inside a perpetual bubble of endless bliss, craving nothing but the next injection of familiarity. The speed of scientific advancement rivals nothing but the speed of collective resignation into ineptitude, each individual failing to grasp any meaningful chunk of the Big Picture.

But why grasp? What’s beyond the bubble but folly struggle? Capitalist societies, by their very nature, do not possess the capacity to experience the Real any more than they are encouraged to perceive the harrowing reality of their own existence. Fat, bulbous masses being directed into an endless stream of mindless consumption, ever growing, multiplying, spreading, always on the verge of that next sweet taste of oblivion. It’s easy to condemn reality and give up, to strive for nothing but a mark on your own, insignificant territory and to defend that fiercely.

Who would lavish the faceless masses with love and attention? No vague ideal of humanity, no simplistic notions brought forth by ancient laws can stand the tide of relentless progress. True or false, left, right, capitalist, nationalist – what will be left of us, once we rid ourselves of ideas whose singular purposes were never beyond a grueling display of baseless power? There is infinitely more to existing in this universe than eternal strife or a fruitless search for some small space inside the rigid automaton defined by notions uttered in ages long past. It’s simple, really. I care because you do.


Nils Steinert