Rules of Conversation

Always assume you know better.

Brevity is toxic. Go for endless, rambling monologues at every opportunity.

Intercept every story of someone being successful with a winding anecdote of how you failed at something trivial.

Insert careless aggression and ad-hominem attacks whenever someone dares to oppose you.

Always dredge up the past and focus on particularly miserable experiences.

Choose topics carefully in order to engage a minimal number of people and entirely exclude the rest.

Never follow up on any agreements and provoke endless discussions about minute details instead.

Be sure to repeat yourself as often as possible.

If someone disagrees with you, raise your voice.

Make sure to repeat yourself. As often as possible.

Extensively trash-talk your friends and their degenerate families.

Instead of explaining yourself, dismiss or belittle the mental capabilities of your opponent.

As a matter of principle, avoid citing sources for any claims you make.

Maximally escalate every conflict and try to resist all attempts of mutual resolution.

If everyone else is having fun, try to be in in their way.

Never give any indication of being wrong or having made an error. Ever.